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Businesses are becoming increasingly more web-savvy, with e-commerce, social media, email marketing and cloud storage. These tactics present incredible opportunities for boosting business. However, with new technology comes new risks. Just look at some of the numbers: In 2008, common cyber risks included viruses, inside abuse and laptop theft. READ MORE >>

Which Companies Need E&O Insurance?Managing Risk as a Business OwnerMost business owners understand the importance of managing the risk their company takes on. Understanding when to take risks or play it safe is often the difference between being a successful business owner or one who ultimately fails. READ MORE >>

Errors and Omissions insurance, commonly called E&O insurance, protects professionals from liabilities resulting from their negligent actions. Unlike a company that makes a tangible product that could physically injure a customer, professional negligence is more subtle. READ MORE >>

Created on July 11, 2013 The plaintiff contended that the defendant violated both Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Insurance Codes when the defendant erroneously completed an application, signed the plaintiff's name to it and submitted it without the plaintiff's review. READ MORE >>

Professional engineers are expected to provide mistake-free work to their clients. However, at times, errors occur when least expected and may cause serious damage to property or severe injuries. When this happens, the engineer who's responsible for the project stands to lose a lot and may even be sued. READ MORE >>

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is an insurance policy that provides personalized and/or collective coverage for individuals and their companies when they are sued for negligence, errors, omissions, or failure to provide services to meet the requirements or expectations of their clients. READ MORE >>

Errors and omissions insurance is insurance coverage that protects professionals in different industries from risk and litigation associated with negligence or a failure to produce the appropriate results. This could be the result of negligence, medical mistakes, or any type of unforeseeable results or circumstances. READ MORE >>

Insurance agents often are blamed when accidents or claims occur and their customers don’t have enough insurance coverage. Here are two helpful tips:  If you only handle some of your customers insurance, get a statement signed by your customer saying that they only want you to handle the specific coverage that you are placing for them. READ MORE >>

Even for the most careful insurance agent, there is always the risk of facing a negligence claim made by a client. Although some of the lawsuits may be frivolous or unfounded, the agent is still required to bear the full cost of the lawsuit and pay the damages awarded as stipulated by the judgment. READ MORE >>

Simply put, Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is a policy that protects you when a client suffers financial loss or damage to their reputation because of something you did – or failed to do. That could mean you delivered the wrong product, or the right product to the wrong place, fai... READ MORE >>

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