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E&O Tips

  • Document your file.
    • Make notes of all business related conversations with customers and prospects
    • Date stamp all mail indicating the date it was received and make sure faxes and emails show the date you received them.
    • Check your customer’s policy before sending it to them, to be sure the coverage are correct.
    • Have your customers sign rejection letters for any coverage you suggest that they decline.
    • Do not make promises that you cannot keep.
    • Check all renewals to be sure that coverage has not changed.
    • Make sure that all quotes have an expiration date .
    • Make sure that your employees are familiar with your agency procedures.
    • Make sure that customers confirm any changes to coverage in writing.
    • If you have a potential E&O claim, report it promptly. Any delay in doing so will make it more difficult to defend, or may result in a denial of coverage.
    • Make sure that you explain policy exclusion to your customers.
    • Keep up to date with company procedures, policy forms and special endorsements.
    • Make sure that your customers sign every application for insurance.

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